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Gold Medal

Scaling an Equitable Access Program: VitalSource and University of California, Davis

VitalSource and UC Davis

User: HED

Goals: Reduce inequity among student by eliminating textbook access issues, while ensuring that costs are predictable and equal for all undergraduate students.

Challenge: Students couldn't afford required textbooks for their courses, creating inequity.

Solutions: Digital-first Equitable Access program powered by VitalSource Campus Store tools. Facilitate immediate access to course materials based on program participation. One-click access to resources through the LMS is enabled by the LTI open standard. All students are automatically enrolled in UC Davis' Equitable Access program but can opt out.

Learning Impact: During the first term, the number of students with access to all of their required textbooks increased by 70%. Students who opted in to the program were 17% less likely to drop a course than students who opted out. 69% of students agreed they felt free to choose classes without worrying about textbook prices because they knew that all their books were included. Over 400 ebooks are now included in the program—highlighting the scope of their collections to instructors (maintaining academic freedom is critical).