Institutional Excellence & Leadership

IMS promotes new connections and collaborations that accelerate digital progress in sound, strategic ways. By understanding our collective challenges, we define user problems and arrive at practical, usable solutions that empower better, faster attainment of learning.

IMS Institutional Leadership Boards

Higher Education

The HED Institutional Leadership Board identifies significant challenges facing the higher education learning community worldwide, both current and future. The Board helps guide the strategic priorities of the IMS member community to advance technology to support innovative models for improving student outcomes.

K-12 Districts and State Education Agencies

The K-12 Institutional Leadership Board enables effective collaboration among school district and state leaders who create and implement technology integration strategies for continuous improvement in instruction and personalized learning. The Board leads the adoption of open edtech interoperability standards for curriculum, assessment, and all aspects of instruction to benefit school districts and states working to put a new generation of IT infrastructure in place.

IMS Centers of Excellence

The IMS Centers of Excellence program

recognizes institutions for providing community leadership, creating and sharing best practices, hosting activities to accelerate the adoption of IMS standards, and helping institutions of all sizes to evolve their next-generation digital learning infrastructure.

“As customization and interoperability become increasingly crucial to higher education’s ability to deliver quality instruction, we are honored to host the IMS Center of Excellence for LTI at UCF. We are committed to providing resources, best practices, connections, and a network for promoting standards-based integrations through LTI Advantage. Only by working together will we be able to achieve our collective vision for tomorrow’s students.”
Thomas Cavanagh, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Digital Learning, University of Central Florida

Broward County Public Schools


BCPS takes student learning and achievements to the next level with the IMS CLR standard.

Edina Public Schools


Edina uses IMS standards to support its customized learning paths and competency-based education initiatives.

University of Central Florida


UCF extends the functionality of its learning management system through the IMS LTI standard.

Volusia County Schools


Volusia uses the IMS OneRoster standard to improve teaching and learning experiences and ensure all students are digital on day one.

IMS Innovation Leadership Networks

The IMS Innovation Leadership Networks

are the collaboration arm for IMS institutional and state members. Each group focuses on a compelling need or topic and develops strategic resources to help the education community at-large enable digital transformation. Their work also helps to inform IMS technical projects.

K-12 Networks

  • Accessibility
  • CASE Network
  • K-12 Credentials
  • K-12 Curriculum
  • K-12 Data and Assessment
  • K-12 Member Development
  • State Assessment Leaders
  • State Educational Agencies

HED Networks

  • Academic and Technology Officers
  • Accessibility
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Assessment & Proctoring
  • CASE Network
  • Digital Credentials
  • Learning Data & Analytics
  • LTI Advantage and LTI Leadership
"Without a single point of entry into our digital learning platform (eCLASS) for our staff and students—all enabled through interoperability standards—we couldn’t use the wide variety of tools and instructional resources our teachers are currently employing during our Digital Learning Days to maintain instruction for 180,000 plus students effectively. We greatly value our ongoing partnership with IMS and continue to adopt common standards as they become available."
—Kevin A. Tashlein, Ed.D., Chief Strategy Officer, Gwinnett County Public Schools

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