Shaping the Digital Learning Ecosystem

IMS Innovations that Have Changed EdTech Forever!

Together, IMS members are shaping a digital teaching and learning ecosystem that is more relevant, productive, and impactful for all learners everywhere.

Working as part of the IMS community, extraordinary organizations and individuals contribute to innovations that transform the landscape of educational technology—not just for a short time—but for the foreseeable future.

"One of the interesting things that the whole [COVID-19] situation has driven home is that your IT, particularly your learning technologies, is how you are now running the business. It is the core mission of the institution. And it's with these tools—that's how you're managing to make it happen. We've been able to build up our rich ecosystem in each of our learning platforms because of these key system integration capabilities, of which IMS Global is the leading force for good."
—David Goodrum, Ed.D., Director of Academic Technology at Oregon State University

The global IMS community collaborates to solve problems and transform edtech.