Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

The world of education is changing. Technology creates new instructional opportunities and learning experiences across the globe. IMS is as invested in your success as you are. We are a partner community that unites insight, technology, and leaders to accelerate your unique journey to the future of education. Through the leadership of IMS members, we continue to focus and improve on these five critical areas needed to create and sustain a better future of learning.

Provide a foundation for better faculty and student experiences

Learning Platforms, Apps, and Tools

The most effective way to support next-generation teaching and learning is through scalable, seamless, and secure integration of all digital content, learning tools, and assessment products into your digital learning environment.

Learning Data & Analytics

Inform student success strategies, institutional academic decisions, and instructional design with clickstream learning data from all your digital resources—available in real-time and viewable using any dashboard.

Help students succeed and institutions improve with a scalable foundation for actionable data on student learning

Support competency-based models and connect educational credentials with the full scope of learning achievements and experiences

Digital Credentials & Pathways

Digital credentials are reshaping the delivery of education and professional learning by enabling lifelong learner-control of evidence-based knowledge, skills, and achievements to respond to today's education and job market needs.

Adaptive Digital Curriculum

Facilitate more innovative instructional practices and allow for greater choice and flexibility in digital resources by packaging and streamlining the management of learning content from different sources.

Get the right resource to the right student at the right time

Scale and connect assessment to learning for greater student success and educational outcomes

Integrated Assessment

Amplify teaching and learning with effective interventions and continuous improvement through high-quality innovative digital assessment that is accessible, adaptive, and safeguarded for integrity.

"IMS Global's OneRoster is the district's lifeblood—it's the glue that binds together nearly 30 product integrations established in less than three years. When we embarked on our initiative to bring digital textbooks and interventions to Philadelphia students, we knew we needed an interface standard that could jump beyond the proprietary tools of the past. OneRoster has allowed us to rapidly integrate with service providers of every size and skill level."
—Kirk A. Cless, Executive Director, IT Architecture, School District of Philadelphia

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