Leading Learning Impact

IMS created the Learning Impact Program to recognize and track breakthrough uses of learning technology that provide real-world solutions to effective digital transformation. Its pragmatic approach—focusing on evidence of impact in an educational setting—helps K-12 schools, districts, state agencies, higher education institutions, and other entities understand the role of technology in fulfilling their teaching and learning objectives.

2020 Learning Impact Awards

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Learning Impact Webinar Series

IMS members have proven to be resilient and nimble when faced with challenges. Throughout the year, we brought together leaders in the IMS community—representing top learning institutions and edtech suppliers—to share knowledge and ideas for meeting today's unique digital learning needs and to explore new opportunities for shaping the future of education. Their insights and recommendations will be helpful to anyone in education.

Here's a look at some of the expertise shared in our webinars for district/state and higher education leaders. Topics cover:

  • How to set up your digital ecosystem
  • What K-12 and HED leaders have learned from COVID-19
  • How to evaluate digital content platforms
  • Student privacy considerations in the “new normal”
  • Best practices around digital learning

K-12 Session Summary

HED Session Summary

"IMS Global is an unsung hero in the rapid transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis. If the data interchange standards had not been in place, we would have never been able to set up the integrated systems our faculty and students needed to make this rapid transformation."
Dale P. Johnson, Director of Digital Innovation for the University Design Institute, Arizona State University

The IMS community is making an impact on edtech that enables every student to succeed.