Together, We're Creating Unlimited Possibilities for Teaching and Learning

As a member-driven organization, we make it possible for educators and edtech suppliers to meet the challenges they face in our changing digital world. We lead by fostering the development and adoption of open standards—the best way to ensure your digital ecosystem is data-rich, agile, trusted, and always ready to scale when you are.

Data Privacy and Security

Student data privacy is essential in a digital learning ecosystem. Through the TrustEd Apps program, IMS has vetted thousands of products of all types, rubric designed and approved by IMS member organizations as an open standard.

Guide institutions and edtech suppliers toward secure data use, collection, and sharing

Achieve an innovative, agile, and scalable edtech ecosystem for teaching and learning excellence

Learning Platforms, Apps, and Tools

Leverage the power of an open ecosystem to allow for quick and easy customization of your edtech environment, minimize repetitive integrations, lower barriers to entry, and focus your investment on educational innovation to improve outcomes.

Curriculum Innovation and Strategy

Advancements in adaptive, personalized, and student-centered learning across a wide range of digital curriculum products and tools are revolutionizing how the curriculum is being taught, the levels of mastery that students can achieve, and the ability to create more engaging and productive educational experiences.

Deploy a wider set of best-in-class digital resources for more engaged learning

Deliver on redesigning equitable assessment to improve progress and personalization

Integrated Assessment

Provide a standard format of assessment content, data, and exchange of information between authoring and delivery systems in your digital ecosystem to ensure an equitable and accessible user experience for all learners.

Learning Data and Analytics

Share educational data across your digital ecosystem to give teachers and students the ability to assess progress and fill gaps while enabling data analytics to reveal systemic improvement opportunities. Get the intel to make smarter edtech decisions.

Inform decisions with powerful data and insights across your ecosystem

Recognize achievement to enable opportunity for all learners

Digital Credentials

Show the whole learner at every step of their journey and make lifelong achievements more shareable and secure.

"As schools, districts, and states adopt online assessment, the IMS QTI 3.0 standard makes a transition to 100% online testing a reality. With QTI, traditionally underserved populations, such as students with disabilities, can test online for the first time while participating in the same assessments as the general education population, ensuring that education institutions remain in compliance with sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Today, with 100% online assessment at the school, district, and state levels, we are at an inflection point where real innovation can occur as the limitations of paper testing and multiple-choice are replaced with technology-enhanced test items that effectively measure critical thinking."
James Dale Cornelius, Chief Information Officer, Maryland State Department of Education

The IMS community is leading the adoption of digital instruction and learning innovations for continuous improvement.