Global Collaboration and Leadership

Together, over 580 IMS members—world leaders in educational technology—are creating the roadmap for the future of digital teaching and learning.

The IMS community understands the drivers and challenges that come with fusing technology and education to make a better future for all learners—because we are you.


Member Representatives in the IMS Community


Countries where IMS Member Organizations are Headquartered


K-12 Districts/Schools and Higher Education Institutions and Systems


Government and State Education Agencies


Education Technology Solution Providers

Executive leadership from both institutions and edtech supplier organizations ensures an equal voice in representing our diverse interests and guiding the work of the greater IMS community.

IMS Board of Directors

The IMS Board provides leadership and direction in setting priorities and oversees the business of IMS Global Learning Consortium.

IMS members are united by a passion to improve educational experiences to help every learner make a difference in the world.

IMS Around the World

IMS Europe

The IMS Europe Leadership Board drives IMS efforts in Europe. This group of IMS Contributing Members works to ensure that IMS technical work meets the unique requirements of European members. Delegates participate in industry events to build the community and raise awareness of IMS standards in Europe.

The Europe Board also hosts an annual IMS Summit, which is open to the public. Over 300 edtech leaders and educators registered for the 2020 virtual event.

IMS Europe Leadership Board

Blackboard CITO Cornelsen Verlag GmbH EUNIS Instructure Italian Quality Company IQC Srl Navigatr Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training Open University UK Oracle Santillana SURF Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Vetenskapsrådet VitalSource

IMS Japan Society

IMS Japan Society provides leadership in e-learning, publishing, and education to increase the adoption of IMS standards in the region. Through collaboration with IMS, the Japan Society supports Japanese organizations that want to develop an open ecosystem of interoperable products enabled by IMS standards. Currently, IMS Japan technical working group activities include Caliper Analytics, OneRoster, and digital credentials. The IMS Japan Conference 2020 held online featured general sessions for participants on IMS activities and technical work.

IMS Japan Society Executive Board

Cyber University Digital Knowledge EdTech Lab Inc. Hosei University NetLearning Holdings Inc. Open University of Japan Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.

IMS members envision an opportunity ecosystem where demonstrated learning and skills acquired in one domain are recognized and valued in the others. Achieving this vision requires collaboration between educators and employers.

Wellspring Project

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment

Creating a scalable foundation for an education-to-employment ecosystem based on verifiable digital credentials to enable lifelong success

Wellspring is a multi-phase initiative of the 1EdTech Foundation and IMS Global Learning Consortium to accelerate the education-to-work ecosystem through new technologies and data exchange based on open standards.

Wellspring Phase I (2019-2020) successfully focused on educators documenting their Learning Outcomes framework and employers describing their job requirements as Competencies and Skill framework. These complementary frameworks were mapped and linked digitally, using technology tools adhering to the IMS Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) standard, demonstrating that machine-readable linked data can connect employer talent needs with educational program offerings and ultimately do so through a learner’s credentials.

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