Adaptive Learning, Online Homework, and Assessment

MagicBox—Digital Learning Solution Empowering Students and Educators

Magic EdTech

User: K-12

Goals: Ease the transition to online learning.

Challenge: Ensuring accessibility and digital equity; transitioning to digital formats; integrating with third-party apps; deploying and assessing homework assignments and assessments online.

Solution: Complete learning solution for both learners and educators with integrations to tools for differentiated instruction to help improve students' overall learning efficacy and academic outcomes and supports pedagogies for online instruction.

Learning Impact: Over 30,000 schools and five million students are leveraging the digital experience platform to personalize learning with next-generation adaptive learning, homework, and assessment tools. Helps implement student-centered learning experiences through interactive and gaming elements help keep students engaged and motivated, while customizable assessments offer immediate feedback to help students improve their performance.

Collaborative Digital Learning

Florida Virtual School Online Learning Community

Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

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Digital Credentials

Curated Playlists for Seamless Credentialing


User: K-12, higher education, adult/lifelong learner

Goals: Empower instructors and content creators to create a comprehensive, accessbile experience for learners.

Challenge: Traditional classroom environments are not ideal for every individual, lesson, or larger learning experience.

Solution: A drag-and-drop content design studio enabling the deployment of high-impact digital credentials, certificate programs, training, and course materials.

Learning Impact: PlayPosit’s digital credential application allows instructors and instructional designers to build a custom learning environment with options such as locked progression, diverse and engaging interaction types, supplemental content, verifiable digital credentialing, and certification that lead to a greater sense of engagement while delivering quality content. Utilizing LTI & Caliper data streams help institutions collect learning data from digital resources to better understand and visualize learning activity. It can also help identify and track professional development standards and goals to maintain organizational performance, while using robust and filterable data and analytics to identify areas of success and needed improvement.

Educational Accessibility and Personalization

Magica11y from Magic EdTech

Magic EdTech

User: K-12, higher education

Goals: Alleviate the “spot check” approach to accessibility audits; remove dependencies on various tools and test content with a single, unified and automated test suite.

Challenges: Accessibility is an afterthought in learning product design and development. Time and cost are factors in extremely low (5-10%) accessibility testing rates.

Solution: A robust toolkit that harnesses the power of automation to detect accessibility gaps in learning products and suggest recommendations to bridge them.

Learning Impact: MagicA11y helps institutions alleviate issues of equity and access. It ensures that differently-abled students get better access to knowledge and information—and have an equivalent learning experience to their peers. MagicA11y allows institutions to evaluate compliance with WCAG guidelines and/or 508 standards without having to rely on their suppliers. In 2020, coverage of WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines was 42%, showing a savings of $275,000, which is expected to increase to 55% and over $1 million, respectively.

Learning Analytics

BlueML from Explorance is Machine Learning for the Student Experience


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