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Happy July!

This month we are spotlighting IMS member Jeanne Imbriale.

Working in school districts for over 25 years, Jeanne is a true digital leader. She is currently the director of enterprise applications for the Baltimore County Public Schools' Department of Information Technology. BCPS has been an IMS Contributing Member since 2014.

We had the opportunity to ask Jeanne a few questions about her experience as a member of the IMS community.

How are you involved with IMS?

I am on the K-12 Institutional Leadership Board and serve on Accessibility Innovation Leadership Network (ILN). I have staff members on other ILNs. We meet internally to discuss new learnings. I also participate in the Standards First Workgroup.

Pro Tip: What should new members do to get involved in IMS?

Participate in the Learning Impact Conference and the November Leadership Retreat to get your feet wet and make connections with new people. These are low-risk ways to find out what all the buzz is about in K-12 edtech and beyond.

Why do you think it is important that districts and states get involved with IMS?

It takes us all working together to advocate for the adoption and implementation of standards. Standards simplify our work.


Jeanne Imbriale

Baltimore County Public Schools

How has being an IMS member helped BCPS navigate the challenges of the last school year?

The most significant benefit of being an IMS member over the last year is the collaboration. It is an excellent network of professionals all coming together to find solutions. Chances are, if someone has a need, someone else has a possible solution.

Which IMS standard would you like to see more robust adoption in the next couple of years?

OneRoster, please. If we could get this one right, it will save so much time and make our work much more efficient from the start.

What is something that people wouldn't expect about you?

People don't expect that I work in IT!