A few timely

News and Notes

Manage Your Video Content

The increased usage of video streaming and capture solutions in the wake of the reliance on remote and hybrid learning and the proliferation of video content and video platforms and tools have made the challenge of managing all of this content even more difficult than it already was. To help streamline the integration of video solutions into your ecosystem and manage the flood of media generated by them, IMS has started work on the new OpenVideo specification!

Find out more about the current project at imsglobal.org/activity/openvideo.

IMS Roundtables

These meetings continue to be a tremendously popular and informative opportunity for the IMS community to get everything from overviews to deep-dives on initiatives and topics of interest.

The next CLR Roundtable (also open to the public) on November 2, features a panel of higher education institutional thought leaders discussing how to leverage the CLR for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The next LTI Roundtable is on November 24. View the recorded sessions, including the most recent one on the migration from early versions of LTI to LTI Advantage.

Upcoming Meetings

Go to the IMS Events page for the full list of upcoming events, meetings, and activities. Access to information on some events depends on your IMS membership level.

Not an IMS member yet but want to get involved?

New Certifications

The catalog of IMS certified products continues to grow so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Here are some highlights of products that have recently certified on IMS standards:

LTI Proctoring Services 1.0

  • Examity (Examity Proctoring Tool v5.0)
  • Proctorio (Secure Exam Proctor v1)

Data Privacy

  • Instructure (Canvas)
  • TurnItIn (Gradescope v1; Gradescope v42020)
  • Kimono (Kimono v09082020)

Open Badges 2.0

  • Open Badge Factory (Open Badge Factory v2020.09; Open Badge Passport v3.15.5)

Be sure to check the IMS Product Directory for a full listing of all certified products!

Meeting Spotlight

Coffee Talks and Happy Hours at the November QM

COVID hasn’t just affected the way we teach, but how we share and collaborate as colleagues. Webinars and virtual conferences have kept us in touch professionally. But what about the part of the conference where you chat and catch up with friends between sessions, at breakfast, or in the hotel lounge at the end of the day? We miss that as much as you do! So, plan to join us for some relaxed, unstructured conversations at the November Quarterly. Find them on the schedule, along with the rest of the higher ed sessions.