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Check Yourself: The New Ecosystem Accelerator Program

Integrations and interoperability have come a long way. From the days of CSV file uploads to the early days of EDI to the introduction of web services, we’ve seen the slow growth of technical integration standards then coupled with industry interoperability standards such as OneRoster®, LTI®, and others from IMS. The advent of conformance testing and certification added an additional level of confidence and capability as the digital ecosystem continued to grow. And now, this past week, IMS has introduced the next generation of interoperability utility, the IMS Ecosystem Accelerator Program.

The Ecosystem Accelerator Program combines the power of IMS Certification with the new IMS Compatibility Check service, which includes:

  • Characterization of the data
  • Verification that the data meets integration with certified products, and comparison of how your data will integrate with specific suppliers so that you have an immediate understanding of the actual, operational integration of your institution's systems with solutions

How does this help and affect higher education institutions? The program started with OneRoster in the K-12 space but is quickly expanding into the broader family of IMS specifications, with the Common Cartridge® Compatibility Check launching soon. On the roadmap after that you can look for LTI, Open Badges, CLR, QTI®, and more, including the new Edu-API specification.

This ability to do a live check against actual products in the field will become a force-multiplier as institutions add solutions in their ecosystem, accelerating the time from implementation to go-live by guaranteeing that integrations don’t just meet requirements for certification but will actually work together "out of the box." Providing you with the necessary insight and understanding of the compatibility of your data within your entire ecosystem of edtech products.

Look for more details as we move forward, including specific information about how to use the services with your supplier partners, or contact Cary or Kelly for more information.