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Data Privacy Certification

With the profusion of new tools and the generally greater emphasis on digital delivery of teaching and learning in the wake of COVID-19, you’ve probably been finding even more value than ever before in the IMS App Vetting program and its ability to help you assess the security and privacy policies of solutions. But did you know there’s a new Data Privacy Certification and Seal to help you identify the solutions meeting the highest standards of data privacy even quicker? Or that you, as an institution, can earn a Data Privacy Certification so that you can directly contribute to the grading and assessment of solutions in the ecosystem? Get more information on the new IMS Data Privacy Seal and how your institution can earn certification or contact us to get started.

IMS Product Certifications

With the new academic year looming, many of you are looking at new solutions to augment your digital ecosystem and deliver learning under the continually changing circumstances. As you consider tools and applications, don’t forget to check the IMS Product Directory for an up-to-date listing of products certified for IMS standards and App Vetting Profiles of over 1,500 products that will help you understand and assess their data privacy and security policies.

Upcoming Meetings

Go to the IMS Events page for the full list of upcoming events, meetings, and activities. Access to information on some events depends on your IMS membership level.

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CLR Roundtables: Learn & Lead

Momentum remains strong around the adoption of the IMS Comprehensive Learner Record. CLR is the standard for articulating the digital transcript, especially around non-traditional learning such as experiential learning, co-curricular activities, competency-based education, and digital badging. CLR picked up steam after a recent announcement from AACRAO issuing guidance on the adoption of CLR by institutions.

IMS hosts a monthly CLR Roundtable series—open to the public—to provide a forum for discussion on CLR and to dig down into implementation questions and scenarios. The next CLR Roundtable is on 24 August at 11:30 a.m. EDT. Recordings of previous roundtables are also available.

New Learning Impact On-Demand Videos

See the latest HED-specific webinars in the series with topics including virtual labs, digital accessibility, and engagement metrics, plus interviews with a wide range of education technology leaders!

Meeting Spotlight

IMS Technical Congress 2020

If you don’t usually attend the IMS Technical Congress but are interested in what’s new with IMS specifications and standards, here’s your chance to participate from the comfort of your home or office—and at no cost. The annual IMS Technical Congress presents the latest news on our collaborative technical work, including important cross-specification initiatives, and sets out the roadmap for the year ahead. Join us online from 12:00–3:00 p.m. EDT on 12 August. Topics include An update on the IMS Security Framework, Principles of the Extensions Framework, the IMS Common Data Model, and more.