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Assessment is a Certainty in an Uncertain Time

As institutions prepare for the fall semester, so many things are uncertain, but some certainties remain. Higher education institutions will continue to educate students, and with education comes a need for assessing their learning progress. Faculty, instructional designers, and administrators are focusing now on evaluating their planned assessment practices to determine which are still valid as they prepare for a hybrid or virtual experience in the fall. Some faculty and instructional designers flex their instructional skills to develop alternative or authentic assessments for their online courses rapidly. But there is still a clear need for traditional exams—and these exams still need to maintain their level of integrity—leading to the increased demand for online proctoring. Online proctoring is a service that enables test candidates to take an assessment under a degree of supervision to ensure the security of the test environment and the integrity of the testing experience. Proctoring services might include controls such as a secure browser, use of the candidate’s screen, cameras, and microphones, and other options to provide live or post-exam reviewing. IMS members have shared that the rapid shift to remote teaching resulted in a clear need for online proctoring. This rapid increase in demand, at the very least, resulted in operational changes, but in other cases, there were significant concerns. In response, IMS has fast-tracked our work on the LTI Proctoring Service. The Proctoring Services standard builds on Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) 1.3 to safeguard the verification, launch, and integrity of online exams. Proctoring tools that certify this new service will deliver a credible and secure user experience for test-takers, administrators, and proctors. The first proctoring tool suppliers are announcing their certification in the next couple of weeks.

To support you during this time, we are launching a new Assessment Innovation Leadership Network (ILN). Similar to our other ILNs, this group will bring together institutional members to share strategies, best practices, and develop resources to support your institution in related work. Our immediate goal is to understand better the institutional needs for LMS launched assessment authoring and delivery. If you are interested in sharing your experiences, expectations, or challenges, please consider providing user stories to help us identify ways to improve the experience for you and your faculty and students.

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