Badge Count 2020 Report


Digital badges are visual indicators of skills and achievements. Open Badges is the world's leading format for digital badges, adopted by dozens of technology platforms worldwide. Open Badges are verifiable, shareable, and contain detailed information about the achievement and what the recipient did to earn the badge. Any organization can issue Open Badges by using technology systems designed to conform to the open standard published by IMS Global Learning Consortium.

"The numbers here speak for themselves. The growth across the world shows the creativity of credential issuers to better recognize individuals' accomplishments. But work still remains to be done toward increasing access and ensuring people understand the value of badges.
The Open Badges standard helps to ensure these credentials can be accessed, exchanged across platforms, consistently verified, and fully described through a linked open data network, such as with the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) schema.”

Scott Cheney, CEO, Credential Engine

Badge Research and Report Authors

This report details the remarkable growth in the use of Open Badges.

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